As every health problem on being diagnosed is provided with some precautionary treatments, similarly, it is necessary to provide solutions to an astrological problem. Keeping this in mind here, I have proposed some proper rituals in order to correct certain astrological issues.

  • Balarisht Yog : This yog occurs from a 6 month old fetus in the mother’s womb till a 6 year old child. During this yog the child remains ill or even faces death during the heavy phase of Balarisht yog. If one has a horoscope of an embryo implanted in the womb which defines the existence of Balarisht yog or if this yog is defined after the child’s birth then one should definitely perform Balarisht ritual in order to protect the child from difficulties during its early phase of life.
  • Putreshthi Ritual : By performing this ritual couples without children will possibly become parents soon.
  • Baglamukhi Ritual : If any person is upset by his enemies or by any ongoing police/court cases etc. or if somewhere he is stuck into a problem, then he should definitely perform this ritual in order to get rid of his problems.
  • Ghat Marriage/ Shaligram Vidhan: If there is a strong Manglik Dosh in any female’s/ male’s horoscope or a probability of 2 or more marriages or problems in marriage then one should follow this vidhan, and if this ritual is performed rightly then one gets rid of his/her problems related to their marriage or having no marriage issues.
  • Shadashtak Yog: If this yog is related to marriage then after marriage either female or male has to face strong difficulties in their lives. In this yog female/male cannot get separated from their partner if they wish to do so and even cannot live together with peace and love as a result of which their married life becomes hell. Such males/ females should perform Shadashtak Shanti Ritual in order to live a happy and contented life.
  • Mahamrityunjay Ritual: With this ritual a person can be saved from the mouth of death. By performing this ritual any man could be taken out of a situation related to either a severe chronic illness or a severe accident etc. According, to my experience if Mahamrityunjay pujan is performed by a true Ritvij (Pandit), then one can even win over death.
  • If marriage is not happening : If any lady or man is not getting married, may it be due to any reason such as Manglik Dosh or Vivah Bhang Yog etc., then in such situation one should perform a Saptmesh Pujan and also wear a bisa yantra alongwith an abhimantrit saptmesh stone in his/her neck, this is a trusted remedy. We have performed countless marriages with this remedy.
  • Varah Dharyuddharnay Ritual : If a person wants to sell or purchase a land, whether it is a plot, a mine, a factory, a farm or a complex etc., then he should perform this ritual. By doing this pujan one could either buy a desired property (land) or can even sell his land.
  • Shatchandi/Lakshmichandi/Sahastrachandi Vidhan : This ritual is a remedy to all problems. The participation of an individual in this pujan makes him get rid of all his problems and even pampers his/her life. Hawan performed by the pandits having true knowledge is only fruitful.
  • Pratyangira Ritual : This ritual is performed mainly for remedying the problems related to enemies or incurable illness or diseases occurred due to Mercury, Venus and Jupiter planets.
  • Mahadhanwantri Vedic Mantra Ritual : Any physical problem related to an individual can be remedied by performing this ritual.
  • Dattatrey Mantra Ritual : By doing this ritual one can get rid of the problems related to Jupiter planet such as diabetes, speaking defects, education problem, not giving birth to a boy, delay in girl’s marriage etc.
  • Pad-Prapti Ritual : By doing this ritual an individual can get a government or a permanent job as well as a regular income.
  • Uchisht Ganpati Ritual : This remedy is specifically performed or high administrative officers, Politicians, Ministers, Chief-Ministers and people having similar ranks. If there is a Rajyog Bhang Condition in their horoscope or they are suspicious in losing their positions, then they should perform this ritual which brings drastic results to them.
  • Lakshmi Data Padmavati Yantra Ritual : If any individual performs this ritual then he would become an owner of inexhaustible wealth.
  • House Peace/Vaastu Peace Ritual: If an individual doesn’t has his horoscope and is facing problems related to peace at home, illness of family members, and obstructed prosperity etc., then he should perform this ritual to attain peace and prosperity at home.