Remedies of Planets

-: Areas related to Planets :-

1) Planet Sun– Through planet Sun the areas associated with father, eyes, youth, health, benefits from state, political office, administrative actions, authority, ambitions, grandeur, luxury, fame, head, stomach, bones, travel, accidents, clarity, self-knowledge, decision-making, purity, body heat, anger, bone fractures, fainting etc. are considered.

2) Planet Moon– Through this planet the areas related to mind, fragrance, floral, garland, pearls, intelligence, mental attitude, facial glow, watery substance, mother’s milk, cough, laziness, women’s monthly Rajas-philosophy (Menstruation Cycle period), cold and epilepsy, pity, Tear, sinful thoughts, aesthetics, tenderness, shame, contrived creativity, rice, cotton, medicine and pharmacy vendor, publisher, paper, aquatic foods business, sales tax department, Import- Exports, pregnancy, blood purity, dairy business, press, nurse-doctor etc. are considered.

3) Planet Mars – planet mars is a vengeful planet, and is an indicator of human actions and physical strength. The auspicious position of planet mars in a person’s horoscope provides him/her a high position in army, police, intelligence department, fire-brigade etc. whereas the ominous mars makes him/her a person of evil doing like killer, thief etc. Through planet mars the areas associated with power, authority, emotion, ambition, dementia, debt, charge, Prince, surgery, smuggling, thief, betrayal, mendacity, anger, extra-marital affairs, disaffection, debate, dexterous worker, freedom, land, property, resort, stain, accident, blood, women menarche, bruises, bone fractures, blood clots, restlessness of mind and special considerations of women’s sexuality are treated.

4) Planet Mercury– Mercury is the voice of time. It is an impotent planet and a factor of wisdom. The fields related to voice, knowledge, intelligence, mathematics, astrology, excellence in arts and art skills, art of speech, science, management, logical ability, writing work, comic arts, higher education, intuition, journalism, tourism, sacrificial deeds etc. are acknowledged through this planet.

5) Planet Jupiter – Jupiter is said to be a planet of knowledge. Through this the areas related to person’s physical strength, bank balance, son, grandfather, grandson, guide, professor, priest, intelligence, education, rituals (sacrifice), religious, charity, auspicious acts, comfort, vehicle, gold, food, treasure, state honour, luck, virtue, faith, god, bhramin soul, religious devotion, discourse act, the Vedas and scriptures, learning and teaching, minister, logic, philosophy, Vedant, grammar, writing, astrologer etc. are considered.

6) Planet Venus– The planet Venus is a representative of sexual desire, luxury and pleasure. Through planet Venus the areas associated with woman, sex, beauty, music, poetry, excellence in literature and drama skills, film line and actor, genitals, marriage, semen, SUV vehicles, branded clothing, funds, decorated home, splendour, love-affair, whore, pleasure, alcohol, drugs, sarcasm, devotion and worship, deep knowledge, happiness and humor, worshipping goddess Lakshmi etc. are acknowledged.

7) Planet Saturn – The planet Saturn gives servants, age, death, sufferings and sorrow. The fields related to laziness, sorrow, grief, destruction, fear, fierce disaster, disease, conflict, obstacles, labour, degradation, demotion, impoverishment, servants, slaves, impotence, vice, false speech, nervous system, prosaic objects, black grain and textiles, iron, lead, farming, oil, staying away from native place, Vedanta, meditation, strict life routine etc. are considered through it.

8) Rahu (dragon’s head) Planet – The planet Rahu is known as the shadow planet which doesn’t have any mass, volume and weight. It is also referred as the “North Node of the Moon”. Through this planet the areas associated to lies, illogical statements (sophistry), evil character, affairs and extra-marital affairs, evil doings, covert action and scheming, deception-betting, betrayal, gambling, non-religious, theft, sex like animals, taking bribes, corruption, secret sin, rude speech, languages written from left-hand side like Urdu, foreign tours, visiting odd locations, post acquisition, worship of goddess Durga, state-honor pleasures, elderly support and casual objections are acknowledged.

9) Ketu (dragon’s tail) Planet – The fields related to accidental barriers and adversity, Tuberculosis, fever, hunger, begging, bondage (prison), poverty, mental and physical contamination, grandmother, Balarisht Dosh, worshipping lord Ganesha and Chandishwar, self-enlightment, salvation etc. are considered through Ketu planet. The auspicious position of Ketu in a person’s horoscope gives him/her par-excellence whereas the ominous Ketu makes him/her break all limits of evilness.

-: Diseases related to the Planets :-

1) Planet Sun– The diseases affected by this planet are headache, eyes, sun stroke, heart-attack, bone fractures, fear of enemies, depression, shingles and burns, fear of arms and ammunition etc.

2) Planet Moon – The diseases related with this planet are Tuberculosis, pneumonia, cold, cough, madness, diabetes, mental illness, worries, hysteria, different types of phobias, paranormal problems

3) Planet Mars – In Medical Astrology due to the effect of Mars the diseases related to blood and bile occurs. Through this planet the diseases associated with eyes, marrow disorder, fever, ringworm, thirst, leprosy, tumor, epilepsy, madness, diseases of head, skin diseases, bleeding, surgery, diabetes, issues related to paranormal disease, chicken pox, problems related to poison etc. are considered.

4) Planet Mercury – Due to the effect of planet Mercury the health problems associated with memory loss, lethargy, sleep deprivation, diseases of head, dizziness, covert diseases, gastric problem, abdominal diseases, lack of appetite and intestinal diseases, disorder of senses, confusion and disarray, stutter and mutism, skin diseases, asthma, mental distress, bile and cough etc. are acknowledged.

5) Planet Jupiter – Through Jupiter the diseases related to enteric fever, obesity, ear disease, cough related diseases, hernia, bloating, stomachache, appendix, jaundice etc. are considered.

6) Planet Venus – Through Venus the health issues associated with person’s sex demand, viryastrav (sexual problems related to man), impotency, eye disease, diseases related to cough and gas, covert disease, AIDS, disease related to obstruction in urine, diseases related to wife, body weakness etc. are acknowledged.

7) Planet Saturn – From Saturn the diseases related to paralysis, rheumatism, colic, sudden disease, body’s internal heat, indigestion, Tuberculosis, long and incurable diseases, diseases related to underarms area, diseases related to legs or leg injury, trauma from stone, health issues related to woman, son and servants etc. are considered.

8) Rahu Planet – Through Rahu the health issues associated with smallpox, leprosy, stutter, body fever, complex chronic diseases, skin diseases, toxin disorders, diseases related to legs, epidemic, snakebite, Balarisht, negative mindset, ulcers, snake fear, anguish from enemy, infection and diseases from parasites and insects, suicidal tendency, pediatric diseases etc. are acknowledged.

9) Ketu Planet – Through planet Ketu diseases related to wounds, ulceration, scabies, chicken pox, colic, poisonous insect bites, paranormal barriers, unnatural death, suicidal tendencies etc. are considered.